Sponsoring Committee Election: 17 September 2020

The Sponsoring Committee is having their annual election on 17 Sept. 5 executive positions and as up to 6 directors will be elected, however, the Sponsoring Committee is also looking for general volunteers. 

Please visit our Eventbrite link for more information. There, you are invited to register by choosing one of two options:

  • Election Attendee & Potential Volunteer (You wish to view the election and offer your help as an occasional volunteer)
  • Election Candidate (You wish to run for a seat on the Sponsoring Committee and volunteer more regularly)

After you have registered via the Eventbrite invitation, your email will be provided to our Regional Air Cadet League Advisor who will email you the virtual meeting details for September 17th.

About the Sponsoring Committee:

The Sponsoring Committee of an Air Cadet Squadron are a group of parents and interested community members working in partnership with the Squadron DND staff to support the local training program in order to achieve the three goals of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, which are:

  • to develop leadership and good citizens,
  • to promote physical fitness, and;
  • to stimulate an interest in aviation.

The Sponsoring Committee is responsible to work in collaboration with DND staff to ensure the proper functioning of the Squadron. The Committee represents the Air Cadet League of Canada within the local community, provides indispensable local support for squadron needs, provides financial support, and makes necessary contracting arrangements for squadron activities. 

To be a member, you must meet the following conditions:

  • be a legal resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen living abroad;
  • be at least eighteen (18) years of age;
  • have a genuine interest in the objectives of the Air Cadet League;
  • have successfully completed the volunteer screening and registration process (for new members, can be completed following the election)

Squadron Sponsoring Committee Positions and Roles:

The committee is comprised of five executive positions and a maximum of six directors. As the Committee’s mandate is for a one-year period, the committee is dissolved near the end of each training year and a new committee is elected from interested members of the Squadron community. For more details about each specific role, please consult our Eventbrite page.

Training Year – Important Updates for 2020-2021

The Air Cadet program has made some changes to the upcoming training year in order to protect our cadets, staff and volunteers. Below are some of the highlights announced by BGen Cochrane in August – it’s a long post, but please read it all:

  • There will be no in-person cadet activities until at least 01 October 2020. 75 Sqn will be delivering a mix of virtual training and limited in-person programs throughout the year.
  • Cadets and Staff will soon be provided with non-medical masks to help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. Cadets may use their own personal masks in the meantime if they have them.
  • Cadets and Staff must inform their Chain of Command if they have been tested for COVID-19 and share the results with 75 Sqn as soon as they are received.  
  • There are plans in place to have day camps for cadets during March break 2021 – more details to follow in the future. Further updates about the possibility of summer camps in 2021, including the Power and Glider Pilot Training Courses will be provided in November 2020. All international cadet events (ex. International Air Cadet Exchange) will be cancelled until at least 01 September 2021. 
  • There will not be any in-person fundraising activities until further notice.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding as we adjust to this new normal and look forward to welcoming back our cadets when it is safe to do so!

CFOne Card: Now Available for Cadets!

All Cadets are now eligible to apply for a CFOne cardThrough the CFOne Program, you can now access and enjoy perks like: 

  • CANEX: Special member pricing, exclusive perks, CANEX Reward points for both in-store and online purchases and a suite of quality branded items.
  • CFappreciation.ca: countless discounts from events to attractions and much more.
  • PSP Recreation: a variety of fitness and recreational programs and activities.

Visit their website to sign up!