Joining 75 Air Cadets: Check out our Eventbrite page for more information on how to join 75 Squadron, our new training location/training times and virtual opportunities for cadets.

Please note that our regular in-person training and activities remain on hold until further notice. All training will continue virtually. Every cadet is assigned to a level under the responsibility of a Level Officer, whose contact info is available here:

If you haven’t received instructions for joining your google classroom, please email your Level Officer directly.

Level 1 will begin virtual sessions tonight, 08 October 2020. The training staff will introduce themselves, their staff and the training program for the year. 


As in-person training is not presently permitted due to our present COVID-19 measures, this is a great time for all cadets to sort out their Field Training Uniform (FTU). This will give the Supply staff an opportunity to get uniforms ready in anticipation of in-person training to resume. For cadets that already have a FTU, try it on to see if it still fits – if not, fill out a new sizing sheet here to order a new one.

For all cadets that have not been issued a FTU yet, including newly joined cadets, please complete a new uniform sizing sheet here.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Under normal circumstances, uniform sizing would be done by having every cadet measured by the Supply Staff to prepare uniforms for issue to you. To keep everyone safe this year, all cadets will need to carry out their own body measurements using a cloth measuring tape which many of you may already have at home. This will ensure that physical distancing is maintained between all cadets and adult staff. Please make sure you take accurate measurements to ensure you’re issued a correctly fitting uniform. If you need more information to properly take measurements, you can download the measurement instructions pdf file here.

Uniform exchanges will not take place until in-person training resumes – Supply will let you know when they’re ready to receive and exchange uniforms again.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact your Level Officer or the Supply Officer directly at: