Dear cadets, parents/guardians,
Welcome back! Although it is bittersweet given the pandemic conditions, we are happy to be able to offer our youth an opportunity to participate in the cadet program on a virtual basis. Here are some important updates:
– Training Program: Note that our regular in-person training and activities are now on hold until further notice. All training will continue virtually. Every cadet is assigned to a level under the responsibility of a Level Officer, whose contact info is available here: If you haven’t received instructions for joining your google classroom, please email your Level Officer directly. With the exception of Level 1, Level Officers will begin virtual sessions on 1 October 2020, where they will introduce themselves, their staff and the training program for the year.
– Information Sharing: We are restarting our weekly announcements. Please be sure to sign-up to receive these emails and read through them thoroughly as we update you on what’s happening and share information that could be useful to you. Please also check our website, and our calendar within it. If you have not already done so, please fill out the Return to Training Form.
– Joining 75 Air Cadets: Check out our Eventbrite page for more information on how to join 75 Squadron, our new training location/training times and virtual opportunities for cadets.
– Administration Tasks: Level staff have been looking to validate every cadet’s contact information, to ensure that our files are kept up to date.
– Supply: We acknowledge that several of our members who joined last year have yet to receive a uniform, due to the large number of new members along with the pandemic measures stopping our in-person activities. Uniform kitting is not fully operational at this time, and so we ask that you remain patient. No cadet will be penalized for not having a uniform. Here is our current plan for uniform kitting:
  • Level Officers will be providing instructions for each cadet to submit updated sizing requirements, and to confirm if they have not received a uniform at all yet.
  • When the circumstances allow it, we will notify cadets to set-up appointments to receive the Field Training Uniform by priority:
    1. Cadets that joined last year and did not receive a uniform; 
    2. Cadets that are joining this year;  
    3. Cadets that have not received the Field Training Uniform.