Important Announcements:

Deadline extended! Accepting new cadets until 31 Jan 

  • We will be accepting new cadets until 31 Jan 2021. After this date, interested cadets will need until our next intake in September 2021
  • A summary of our fall info session can be found here.
    • Registration forms can be found on our website and should be mailed to the Squadron:
      • 75 Barrhaven Air Cadets, PO Box 34038, Strandherd R.O., 3781 Strandherd Rd, Nepean, ON, K2J 4B0
    • More information can also be found at
Reminder – Compulsory Training Nights
  • Reminder to all cadets that our Thursday night online training is a mandatory part of the Air Cadet program
    • Click here to find the Google Classrooms code for your respective Level
  • Cadets are unable to participate in our optional activities (Ground School, Biathlon, etc.) if they do not regularly attend Thursday nights
Safe Virtual Participation – New Procedures
Please take note of the following rules that will be enforced to protect the safety of all cadets:
  • All cadets are being asked to use their rank, last name and initial when interacting online so that Staff can properly identify everyone (Ex. Sgt. Smith, J.)
  • Their usernames on Google Classrooms / Google Meet should include their First and Last Name (or First Initial and Last Name)

Uniforms Update: 
We acknowledge that several of our members who joined last year have yet to receive a uniform:
  • This is due to the large number of new members along with the pandemic measures stopping our in-person activities.
  • Uniform kitting is not fully operational at this time, so we kindly ask that you remain patient. No cadet will be penalized for not having a uniform.
  • All levels are using Google Classrooms to organize our Thursday night activities, please ensure you are attending the right class for your Level

Here is our current plan for uniform kitting:

  • Level Officers will soon provide instructions for each cadet to submit their updated sizing requirements, and to confirm if they have not received a uniform
  • When the circumstances allow, we will notify cadets to set-up appointments to receive the Field Training Uniform (FTU) by priority:
    1. Cadets that joined last year and did not receive a uniform; 
    2. Cadets that are joining this year;  
    3. Cadets that have not received the Field Training Uniform.