All new members interested in doing the 75/742 Sqn band should have some knowledge in music (if possible in the instruments that they wish to play with the ensemble.) A cadet with no musical knowledge but a high level of motivation could be considered. Please speak to the Band Officer to inquire about potential openings.

If you require further information, please contact CI Lambert, 75 Sqn’s Band Officer.

Regular Band Program at the Squadron Level:

  • For all cadets, regardless of their level of music experience, who would like to become musicians.
    • The cadet will be able to advance their musical talents and help their peers.
    • The band performs at various parades throughout the year, both within the Squadron and throughout the community.

Schedule: 2019/2020

  • Mondays from 18h30 to 20h45 for the Pipes and Drums Bands
  • Sundays from 14h00 to 17h15 for the Brass and Reeds Bands (13h-14h open Small Ensembles)


Brass & Reeds and Pipes & Drums: Hangar 16 (Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces) located at the corner of Paul Benoit Driveway (formerly Canadair Drive) and Spitfire Private, close to the Ottawa International Airport. This Hangar is also on your left as you drive toward the Squadron’s Hangar (Canada Reception Centre).


Note that limited time to teach cadets basic music; cadets who wish to join the programs should already know some basics.

Band Officers 2019/2020:

Band Programs Officer: Major Jean-François Lambert (Reserve Forces volunteer) 
Band programs Admin Officer: CI Cheryl Thompson & CI Samarjit Bhullar
Pipes and Drums OPI: Mr. Rob McCarthy / Mr. Cory Hilliard (Civilian Instructors)
Brass and Reeds OPI: CWO Curtis Bain / Cpl Lett (Reg Force Volunteers)

Band Sergeant Major 2019-2020: FSgt Raymond Wang

  • The Band Sergeant Major (BSM) is the most senior cadet of all the Band Programs. He/She conducts the bands on parade, and oversees all activities and requirements for both Bands (Brass & Reeds and Pipes & Drums).
  • The Band Sergeant Major must be at least a level 4 in music, preferably level 5. (Or its equivalent)
Pipe Major 2019-2020: FSgt Giulia Calvano
  • The Pipe Major (PM) oversees all activities and requirements for the Pipes & Drums band. He/she is the assistant to the BSM when required.
  • The Pipe Major must be at least a level 3 in music, preferably level 4-5. (Or its equivalent)
  • This year she is assisted by Pipe Sergent Noah Grew, and Drum Sergeant Cameron Aldous

Assistant Band Sergeant Major 2019-2020: FSgt Vincent Amankwah (75) & FSgt James Jackson (742)

  • The Assistant Band Sergeant Major (ABSM) oversees all activities and requirements for the Brass & Reed bands. The ABSM is the assistant to the BSM when required.
  • The Assistant Band Sergeant Major must be at least a level 3 in music, preferably level 4 or 5. (Or its equivalent)


Drum-Major 2019-2020: 

  • FSgt Vincent Amankwah (75 Sqn) FSgt Raissa Amany (742)/ Assistant Drum-Major – Sgt Trinity Armstrong (742) & Sgt Aayush Kapoor (75)
  • The Drum-Major (DM) is responsible for drill, discipline and deportment of all three bands at all time. The DM is also the admin staffcadet and looks after parade state, etc. His/her assistant support him/her in the tasks and replace the DM as required.


The music program allows cadets to be introduced to the music world. Our focuses are a junior and senior military style band programs with Brass & Reed as well as percussion instruments, and we are also fortunate to have an excellent Pipes & Drums Program.