The Path to Excellence begins one stride at a time!

Biathlon is a combination of cross-country skiing or running and marksmanship. It requires tremendous endurance and strength as well as skill and precision. Unpredictable elements including weather and wind conditions make this outdoor sport a fun and rewarding challenge that thousands of cadets participate in each year.

Pursuit of Excellence – Cadet Biathlon Program:

  • promotes physical fitness;
  • Promotes sportsmanship, sport etiquette and fair play;
  • Develops marksmanship skills;
  • Provides personal challenge and achievement opportunities;
  • Builds self-esteem

Ski for Free:

  • Training is offered and supervised by qualified biathlon coaches;
  • Training material (skis, boots, poles and rifles) are provided for each cadet participating at regionals; 
  • 75 squadron practices at Terry Fox Athletic Facility when there is snow during the week and at Camp Fortune up in Gatineau Park mid-November to the end of January;
  • No membership fee is required.

Team Selection: 2019/2020

A training plan will be distributed weekly to cadets starting September 19 until October 26 to prepare them for the Cadet Fitness test on Thursday, October 10. This first test will determine which 30 athletes continue on to the next stage. Before heading out to Camp Fortune mid-November additional cardio and strength tests will be performed. From these results, 20 cadets will then move on to the final stage.

Ski time trial results with a combination of shooting skill will determine the 12 athletes that will move on to Regionals. The remaining 8 athletes will be part of the participation race. A minimum of 70% attendance at Thursday Training nights is required.

  • September 29 – Training Plan
  • September 26 – Training Plan
  • October 3 – Training Plan
  • October 10 – Training Plan
  • October 17 – Training Plan

Interested in Biathlon?

Cadets will contact Officer Cdt Longchamps or CI Gilbert if they are interested in participating in Biathlon or have any questions for the 2019-20 season.