Effective Speaking

The effective speaking program is a series of speech competitions at the local, provincial and national level. The competition is based on two speeches by each contestant: a prepared speech of 5-6 minutes and an impromptu speech of 2-3 minutes. The contestants will be ranked based on the total scores of both speeches. This program provides an opportunity for Air Cadets to increase their self-confidence, their ability to reason, organize and express ideas. Participation will allow Air Cadets to train their effective speaking skills through instruction and practice in a structured and competitive environment. The program promotes the citizenship component of the Air Cadets Program.

Any cadet member of the squadron is eligible to participate. Cadets will participate in classes learning about effective speaking fundamentals and practicing prepared speeches. Cadets will then have the opportunity to compete at the Squadron level, with two cadets participating in the Regional competition.

The winner of the Regional competition goes on to the Provincial competition, with the winner of that competition going to Nationals.

Contacts: CI Chen & CI Gardiner at 75squadron@75aircadets.ca


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Click here to see the photo album of the 2019 National Effective Speaking Competition

Competition Videos – 2019:

Watch all the speeches of the 2019 National Effective Speaking Competition by clicking here or the video below. You can also select a competitor’s name to watch one of their speeches.

Watch all the speeches of the 2018 National Effective Speaking Competition by clicking here.