Special Announcement:

2021 Virtual Summer Training Process:

Now that we’ve received and submitted our cadets’ responses for interest in summer training, we are waiting to hear back about allocated spots for this year. 
The timeline for summer training is as follows:
We are now beginning to review candidates against selection criteria and merit.
Between 30 April and 10 May 2021, Admin will be contacting summer training applicants in order to complete and submit the official application. All candidates will be reviewed by the region (external to 75 sqn)
Starting 14 May and up to 7 days prior to the beginning of training, cadets will receive offers of participation through 75 Squadron’s  Admin team, requiring a parental signature to accept the offer.
1. If you you don’t hear about an offer in the first round, DON’T BE DISCOURAGED!!
Candidates may end up on a wait list for the course and can receive offers of participation up to 7 days prior to the beginning of the course.

2. There are always less summer training positions then there are applications, and as such, the merit process, largely based on mandatory attendance and positive participation on Thursday evenings, is our best method of keeping the process fair. The merit process is always done in collaboration with the Squadron’s Sponsoring Committee to ensure fairness of the process.

Please keep in mind, it is a slow process. The squadron’s role is to oversee the process, however RCSU(E) reviews the applications for all of Ottawa Valley and the province of Quebec against each other and they are responsible for issuing decisions to the squadrons, which will be relayed once received.

As always, we remind everyone that summer training is not a right, but a privilege.