Squadron Staff Members

Have a question or an issue that needs to be addressed? Please use the lists below to determine who would be the most appropriate adult staff member to contact.

Cadets are reminded that the Cadet Chain of Command (ex. speaking with their Flight Commander) should be used at all times for general questions about upcoming activities, Thursday night training, etc.

Training – 

  • Thursday night training issues / urgent questions
  • Questions about Level activities (please speak to the appropriate Level Officer listed below)

Administration –

  • Enrolling as a cadet
  • Submitting cadet paperwork (health card renewal, etc.)
  • Summer Camp applications
  • General questions that cannot be answered by a cadet's Flight Commander

Supply –

  • Ordering new uniform parts (lost, outgrown, etc.)
  • Supplying uniforms to new recruits
  • Returning uniforms after leaving the cadet program

Teams and Optional Activities –

  • General questions about Squadron teams






Commanding Officer – Maj McAuley







Deputy Commanding Officer – Capt Weller





Training Officer – Capt Johnson









Deputy Training Officer / Level 1 Officer – 2Lt Merriam








Deputy Level 1 Officer – CI Said








Level 2 Officer – CI Devlin









Deputy Level 2 Officer – CI Sculland







Level 3 Officer – OCdt Giroux








Deputy Level 3 Officer – CI Larkin








Level 4 Officer – OCdt West






Deputy Level 4 Officer – CI Pittman










Level 5 Officer – CI L. Gilbert








Ceremonial Standards / Drill, Dress and Deportment – CPO2 Primeau








Training Standards – CI Mino








Training Support – CI Winsor







Training Support – Lt (Ret) Gardiner









Training Support – MS Ruttan











Admin Officer – Capt Bousigard








Deputy Admin Officer – OCdt Pépin








Admin Support – CI Chen








Admin Support – CI Douglas







Communications Officer
 – CI Pittman





Supply Officer – Capt Tessier








Supply Support – CI Yake








Supply Support
 – CI Charter





Operations Officer – OCdt Longchamps








Special Projects Officer – Capt St. Onge








Community Liaison and Counselling – CI Mackinnon





Band Officer – OCdt Lambert











Drill Officer – OCdt West








Deputy Drill Officer – CI Pittman








Deputy Drill Officer – MS Ruttan











Biathlon Officer – OCdt Longchamps







Biathlon Coach – CI D. Gilbert










Effective Speaking Officer – CI Chen










Flag Party Officer – OCdt Longchamps












Ground School Officer – Capt Johnson