Timings and Location

NEW! Google Classrooms Code:

  • Level 1 – 5hewvli
  • Level 2 – mte34af
  • Level 3 – bqq3zkq 
  • Level 4 – e64i6kk
  • Level 5 – iroxf5v

Regular Training Nights: Date and Time

Thursdays, drop-off at 1815 for opening parade. Dismissal around 2120. Pick-up between 2130 and no later than 2145hrs

Important Information for Parents/Guardians: Due to COVID-19, parents will not be allowed into the school unless they have booked an appointment to see a Squadron Staff member in advance. We encourage you to check our website announcements / social media pages for updates throughout the year. You can also send any comments/concerns to 75 Sqn’s email address.

NEW! Local Headquarters (LHQ) Location:

As of October 1, 2020, our Thursday training nights will be held at Michel Depuis Elementary School in Manotick.

Cadets should also be aware of the following training areas within the school:

  • Saluting Zones
    • Gym, hallways and outside when passing by an officer
    • Classrooms/offices when entering or leaving and an officer is present
  • Squadron Offices:
    • Administration – TBD
    • Supply – TBD
    • Training – TBD
    • CO’s Office – TBD
  • Parade Area
    • Gym

* All other areas of the school should not be used by cadets *

Staff and Cadets shall ensure that at all times the school facility is respected. Classroom shall be returned to the same if not better condition than when we arrived. Pictures may be necessary to ensure that this is the case.