Commanding Officer’s Parade

This Thursday will be a regular training followed by the CO’s Parade. The dress for this week is C1A (Ceremonial Dress). If you have not been issued a dress uniform, please wear your FTU. For our new cadets or waiting for uniform parts please wear a white shirts and dark pants. There will be various special presentations along with the ceremony inducting the first-year cadets into the squadron.

Parents are invited to watch this parade, please arrive and be seated in the gymnasium at 8:15 PM.

Cadets are to still arrive at 6:30PM.

Upcoming Activities

Please consult the  squadron calendar on our website for details (i.e. sign up, transportation etc.) for the following upcoming general and optional team activates.

· Commanding Officer’s Parade – October 27

· Band (Highland Dancing + Small Ensemble) – October 28

· Connaught Range Day – October 29

· Connaught Range Day – October 30

· Band (Brass & Reed) – October 30

· Drill Team – October 31

· Band (Pipes and Drums) – October 31

· Poppy Campaign – November 6 – see below.

· Biathlon November 5

. Barrhaven Remembrance Day Ceremony – November 11, 2022

. C7 Range Day – November 6, 2022 See details below

. Fall Sports day – Nov 12

. Level 5 Workshops – November 23, 2022

Pick ups and Drop Offs – Thursday Night Training

For all Parents and Guardians that are dropping off and picking up cadets. Drop off time is at 6:30, and Pick up time is at 9:30. Pleas keep in mind we do not have access to the school until 6:30, also please make sure to pick up your cadets at 9:30 and no later as we no longer have access to the school.

Remembrance Day

75 Squadron will be supporting the national poppy campaign as a part of Remembrance Day. Cadets will be assisting the Barrhaven Legion in collecting donations. Cadets will have the opportunity to support during the morning and/or afternoon of November 6th. Further details follow. If you are interested, please sign up for one of these time slots

.Pizza lunch will be provided

.40 Cadets for the morning / 40 Cadets for the afternoon

· November 6, 2022, (10:00-1300 AM)

· November 6, 2022, (13:00-1600 PM)

C7 Range Day

Cadets that are 16 years or older are invited to participate in this activity. Interested cadets are to sign up here no later than October 29, 2022.

Level 5 work Shop

Level 5 workshops, sign up here and direct questions to Sclt Merriam ([email protected]). Deadline for signup is November 23, 2022

Air Cadet Skills Day

The Air Cadet Skills Day is undergoing some changes. Stay tuned for more information!

Biathlon Practice

The first practice will be held Saturday, November 5th. Time and location to be announced. Please register here.

There will be a parent info session on Thursday, October 27th @ 1900hrs during the cadet training evening in the gym at Pierre-de-Blois School.

Drill Team Practice

The first practice will be held on Monday October 17th. Please wear comfortable civilian clothing and your cadet boots. If you do not have cadet boots please wear comfortable shoes Please direct questions to OCdt West or CI McAuley.

Band Program

This program consists of Brass & Reed (Marching and concert Band), Pipes & Drums, and highland dancing. Please direct interest and/or questions to LCol Lambert ([email protected])

Online Ground School – Glider Pilot & Power Pilot Scholarship Programs

If you are interested in applying for Glider Pilot or Power Pilot Scholarship Programs for the Summer of 2023 you must register for the Online Ground School. In order to participate in this opportunity you must meet the eligibility criteria that can be found here. To apply to participate in the Online Ground School please sign up here. Applications are open until 31 October 2022.

Interested in joining 75?

New cadets can register to join our squadron using the following link. Please direct questions to [email protected].


Cadets are to return DEU (Blue) uniforms that don’t fit starting. This will allow Supply to have enough blue uniforms to issue in the coming months.

Reminder that uniform parts are provided free of charge, but on loan for the duration of your membership in the cadet program, therefore they must be returned when exchanging them for another size or when leaving the Squadron.

For new cadets, you will be measured during training nights, and will be receiving your FTU a few weeks into the training year. Should you have any questions, please contact the Supply Officer, Capt Tessier ([email protected]).

Please consult the supply section of our website for further information/details


Reminder to all of our cadets and parents/guardians that provincial extension of health card renewal ended at the end of September 2022.

If there are changes to a cadets medical and/or personal information please direct them as soon as possible to [email protected] If cadet require access to their CADET 365 account they can contact [email protected] for credential and login information. Please contact [email protected] so if you planning to leave 75 Squadron or transfer to another unit so that we me may close your membership accordingly.

Squadron Online Kit Shop

You can find bags, toques, polos, hoodies, jackets and pants, right here in our squadron kit shop! Come take a look, order online, and find all of the 75 Squadron swag you’ve always wanted!

Parental Pick Up from Squadron Activities

While we understand that situations may unexpectedly arise from time to time, we expect that parents pick up their child in a timely manner from all cadet activities per their respective timings.

Questions: [email protected]