General Inquiries: 75a[email protected]

Commanding Officer: [email protected]

Administration Officer: [email protected]

Supply Officer: [email protected]

Training Officer: [email protected]
  Level 1 Officer: [email protected]
  Level 2 Officer: [email protected]
  Level 3 Officer: [email protected]
  Level 4 Officer: [email protected]
  Level 5 Officer: [email protected]

Band Programs: [email protected]

Co-Op Officer: [email protected] 

Social Media:

Twitter: @75Squadron
Instagram: @75squadron
Facebook: 75 Barrhaven Royal Canadian Air Cadets

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In Person:
Pierre-de-Blois High School – 1310 Chapman Mills Dr, Nepean, ON, K2J 3T9 (Thursdays 18:30 – 21:30hrs by appointment only – please email the General Inquiries Inbox if necessary to set up an appointment)