This year, the new Field Training Uniform (FTU) is the dress of the day and is worn for all training. The blue Distinctive Environmental Uniform (DEU) will be rarely worn this year as it is not practical to wear with our current physical distancing protocols in place.


 If you prefer do your own body measurements for your uniform, you will need a measuring tape to carry out your measurements – a cloth measuring tape is best. During periods of virtual (online) training, you will need to carry out your own body measurements. Please make sure you take accurate measurements to ensure you’re issued a correctly fitting uniform. If you need more information to properly take measurements, you can download the measurement instructions PDF file here.


Uniform exchanges will be handled in one of two ways:

IN-PERSON TRAINING: Go to the supply section and let them know what you need exchanged. If the item is available in your size, you can exchange your item(s) at Supply the following week. Supply will let you know if they don’t have your item in stock and give you an estimated date that your item will be in for you to exchange. Please hold on to your items until supply has the item(s) for you to make the exchange.  

Also note that DEU uniforms will only be exchanged on an as-needed basis as DEU will rarely be worn this year. To return the uniform items you are exchanging, please follow the protocol outlined below.

VIRTUAL TRAINING: Send an email to: [email protected] and await further instructions. You will usually be contacted by Supply within 24 hours with instructions on how to proceed with your exchange. If supply needs further information, they’ll let you know at that time.

For returning cadets that have not been issued the FTU, it is highly recommended that you complete a new uniform sizing form as sizing that was taken last year was based on your size in December/January and most of you will have outgrown the uniform we had ordered for you. 


Once the Admin Section informs you that your enrollment is complete, you will be sent to Supply to be measured for your uniform. During periods of Virtual (online) training, you will be required to complete the uniform sizing sheet here. We always strive to get new recruits into uniform within 30 days, however due to the large size of our Squadron there may be some delays in preparing the uniforms for issue to each cadet – please be patient.


For uniform exchanges and for cadets returning uniforms when leaving the squadron, please use the following protocol to ensure uniforms come back to Supply:

  • Wash all uniforms items first;
  • Place all uniform items in a plastic bag to keep them clean – a garbage bag or similar bag will do.
  • Affix your name to the bag: (masking tape or a tag); and
  • Return it to one of the following:
    • One of your Level Officers;
    • Supply Section (if s/he is present); or
    • Admin Section.
  • Supply will then take your uniform off your charge.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact your Level Officer or the Supply Officer directly at: [email protected].