Field Training Uniforms:

All Air Cadets will soon be receiving the new Field Training Uniform (FTU). This new uniform looks very similar to the old combat uniform and will become the Squadron’s dress of the day for all normal training nights. The current uniform will be worn for CO’s parades, ceremonial events and community events.

“In order for supply to order properly sized uniforms for each cadet, Supply will need the size of your current blue Air Cadet uniform, specifically your tunic, pants and drill boots. The size for tunics and pants is a 4-digit code located on the garment label inside your item of clothing. For boots, the size consists of a 5 to 6 digit code located inside the tongue of each boot. Those are the numbers you will need to include on the FTU Order Form. The form can be accessed by clicking on “Submit Field Training Uniform Sizing” in the Supply menu.

For new recruits: If you have not received your blue uniform yet, no need to worry – Supply already has all your sizing information to order your new Field Training Uniform.

Please make sure you take a few minutes to order your new Field Training Uniform over the next few weeks. The sooner you send us your sizes, the sooner we can order your new uniform.