Please see below for the address of the Manotick Legion. 


A walk-in event to collect rank badges, medals, plaques, and get measured for a uniform/for new parts to replace the ones you’ve outgrown. An opportunity to take a photo while receiving recognition. Parents/guardians wait in their cars, cadets are to walk in, register with admin and verify for any outstanding paperwork, proceed to each station and be out in approximately 15-20 minutes. Arrive any time between 1830 and 2040, event ends at 2100. We ask all participants to wear masks for the safety of our community.


March 23rd 2022: levels 1-2-3 from 18:30-21:00


Manotick Legion, 5550 Ann St, Manotick, K4M 1A3

When you arrive, at the back (there is a small parking lot) you will see a set of stairs leading upstairs to a door labelled with an army cadet corp, beside those stairs there is a set of stairs going down, we are in the basement. If possible, avoid going through the top floor. Nearby parking available on the street or in the shopping plaza across the street from the front doors of the Legion.


Green Uniform, blue uniform or black pants & dress shirt if you don’t currently have a uniform, or you’ve grown out of it. We are NOT doing straight exchanges on site. If you need new uniform parts, come prepared to be measured by staff or senior cadets and when your new pieces come in Capt Tessier or someone from Supply will be in touch about doing a one-for-one exchange.

We are very excited to welcome back our returning cadets, and look forward to meeting our new ones!