Regular Training

This Thursday will be a virtual training evening and conducted Via MS Teams. Cadets are to join using the following links that correspond to their assigned level. 

Please note that CADET365 is not required to participate in the meetings above. Cadets are to join their respective virtual meeting at 6:15 PM.

There will be adult staff at the Pierre de Blois High School to re-direct parents/cadets accordingly. 

Absence from Cadet Training 

If cadets will be absent from cadet training they are to complete the Absence form.

Upcoming Activities

Please consult the squadron calendar on our website for details (i.e. sign up, transportation etc.) for upcoming general and optional team activities. While we understand that situations may unexpectedly arise from time to time, we expect that parents pick up their child in a timely manner from all cadet activities per their respective timings.

Next Week’s Skating Night 

Please note that next week’s training night will be a skating night at Belltown Dome from 7-9pm as we do not have access to the school. 

Survey on feasibility of creating a French Air Cadet Squadron in Ottawa.

For some some time now there has been a project to stat a French unit in Ottawa to accommodate those want to participate in the air cadet program in French in Ottawa. After some with the Air Cadet league, a survey has been created by our chain of command to poll cadets, parents, and adult staff on this project and it’s feasibility. Parents and cadets are encouraged to complete this survey by February 15th. 

Drill Team Tryouts 

We are recruiting all cadets that are interested in joining the drill team. We practice every Monday evening from 7-9 PM at Pierre-de-Blois Secondary School and will be holding tryouts on Monday, February 12th. No previous experience is necessary, invite your friends! 

Drill is a sport that helps to foster teamwork, leadership, physical fitness, discipline, and creativity. Being part of the drill team allows cadets to master the basic drill movements used during Thursday training nights and learn how to perform more challenging drill movements on the march.

Every year, a cadet commander is selected to lead the drill team through a tryout process. They will be responsible for teaching the cadets a compulsory sequence – a series of advanced drill movements that will be called out by the drill commander – and a silent sequence – a choreographed drill sequence that is performed by cadets without the use of commands. 


75 & 742 Band Programs are accepting new members!
Are you interested in performing in one of our national award-winning ensembles?

Check our Brass & Reed info sheet to learn more about our Marching and concert Band!
Check our 
Pipes & Drums info sheet to learn more about our “Scottish” heritage ensemble!
Check our 
Highland Dancing info sheet to learn more about our newest addition to the Band Programs!

Questions? LCol Jean-François Lambert, 75 & 742 Band Programs, [email protected]

Cadet Canteen

Our canteen runs at break time each Thursday. We offer a variety of snacks and drinks for sale. Payment can be made via Square (Interac debit/Visa) with a $5 minimum, and cash. Items range from 50 cents to $1.50 each.


If there are changes to a cadets medical and/or personal information please direct them as soon as possible to [email protected] 

If you are planning to leave 75 Squadron or transfer to another unit, please contact us so that we me may close your membership accordingly.

For any cadet who does not have access to their Cadet365 and or is having account issues, please contact [email protected] with your name, rank, and level

Cadet with Anaphylaxis Medical Conditions

As per direction we have received from our chain of command  (Regional Medical Liaison Section) and to ensure safety, all cadets with an anaphylaxis medical condition are required to bring and present two epi-pens to all cadet training activities. Cadets with anaphylaxis condition are to show their epi-pens on Thursday nights to the Administration Section. For all other cadet activities, cadet are to show their epi-pens to the supervising adult staff member(s). 

Squadron Online Kit Shop
You can find bags, toques, polos, hoodies, jackets, and pants, right 
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Questions: [email protected]