Regular Training

This Thursday will be a regular training night for all cadets. The dress for this week is C1A (tunic, tie and applicable medals). If you don’t have C1A you are to wear C5 (Field Training Uniform (FTU). If you don’t have C5 you are to wear dark pants and a white collard shirt. Arrival time is 18:30 at Ecole Secondaire Pierre-De-Blois, 1310 Chapman Mills Dr, Nepean, Ontario, K2J 6L9. Parents are to pick up their child no later than 9:30 PM.

Upcoming Activities

Please consult the squadron calendar on our website for details (i.e. sign up, transportation etc.) for upcoming general and optional team activities.

While we understand that situations may unexpectedly arise from time to time, we expect that parents pick up their child in a timely manner from all cadet activities per their respective timings. 

Annual Ceremonial Review

ACR is the most important event of the cadet training year. This mandatory activity is an opportunity for cadets to display what they have learned over the past training year to their families and assembled guests.  It is also the opportunity for the Squadron to honour deserving cadets by presenting various awards and reccognition. This year’s ACR will be taking place on Sunday May 28th at the Howard Darwin Centennial Arena (1765 Merivale Rd, Nepean, ON K2G 1E1). 


  1. All cadets that are are to arrive at 8:30 AM
  2. Parents and guests are to arrive 12:30 
  3. It is anticipated that the parade will conclude at 3:00 PM

Transportation: Cadet are responsible for their transportation.

Lunch: Cadets are responsible for their lunch.

Dress: The dress is C1A (tunic, tie and applicable medals). If you don’t have C1A you are to wear C5 (Field Training Uniform (FTU). If you don’t have C5 you are to wear dark pants and a white collard shirt.

Awards Night 

There will be an awards night next Thursday, June 1st, where cadets will receive awards and promotions in addition to those given at ACR. This will be the final training night of the year. This dress for this night will be appropriate semi-formal civilian attire. 



75 & 742 Band Programs are accepting new members!
Are you interested in performing in one of our national award-winning ensembles?

Check our Brass & Reed info sheet to learn more about our Marching and concert Band!
Check our Pipes & Drums info sheet to learn more about our “Scottish” heritage ensemble!
Check our Highland Dancing info sheet to learn more about our newest addition to the Band Programs!

Questions? LCol Jean-François Lambert, 75 & 742 Band Programs, [email protected]

If there are changes to a cadets medical and/or personal information please direct them as soon as possible to [email protected] 

If you are planning to leave 75 Squadron or transfer to another unit, please contact us so that we me may close your membership accordingly.

For any cadet who does not have access to their Cadet365 and or is having account issues, please contact [email protected] with your name, rank, and level and he will provide you with a teams link.

Cadets are to return DEU (Blue) uniforms that don’t fit starting. This will allow Supply to have enough blue uniforms to issue in the coming months.

Reminder that uniform parts are provided free of charge, but on loan for the duration of your membership in the cadet program, therefore they must be returned when exchanging them for another size or when leaving the Squadron.

For new cadets, you will be measured during training nights, and will be receiving your FTU a few weeks into the training year. Should you have any questions, please contact the Supply Officer, Capt Tessier ([email protected]).

Please consult the supply section of our website for further information/details

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