Commanding Officer’s Parade 

This Thursday will be a regular training followed by the CO’s Parade. The dress for that week will be C1A (Ceremonial Dress). If you have not been issued a dress uniform, please wear your FTU. For our new cadets or those waiting for uniform parts please wear a white shirt and dark pants. There will be various special presentations. Parents are invited to watch this parade, please arrive and be seated in the gymnasium at 8:15 PM. Cadets are to still arrive at 6:30PM. 


Pick ups and Drop Offs for Cadet Training Activities

For all Parents and Guardians that are dropping off and picking up cadets. Drop off time is at 6:30, and Pick up time is at 9:30 on Thursdays . Please keep in mind we do not have access to the school until 6:30, also please make sure to pick up your cadets at 9:30 and no later as we no longer have access to the school on Thursdays. While we understand that situations may unexpectedly arise from time to time, we expect that parents pick up their child in a timely manner from all cadet activities per their respective timings.


Upcoming Activities 

Please consult the squadron calendaron our website for details (i.e. sign up, transportation etc.) for the following upcoming general and optional team activates. 


CO’s Parade Jan 26th  

Highland Dancing Jan 27th  

Level 5 Development Day Jan 28th  

Music Clinic (Theory) Jan 28th 

Brass and Reed Jan 29th  

Marksmanship Team Practice Jan 29th  

Vintage Wings screening of Above and Beyond Feb 3rd 

Music Clinic (Practical) Feb 4th 

Drill Team Tryouts Feb 13th 

Cadet Correspondent Training from RCSU Mar 2nd, 9th, 16 and 23rd

Eastern Region Music Festival Mar 25-26th 


Level 5 Development Day 

To All level 5s, there will be a Level 5 Development Day on January 28th, from 8am-4pm, and will be at the Barrhaven Legion(3500 Fallowfield Road). Bring your own lunch, dress is FTU. Sign up ishere. 


75 Squadron Holiday Canned Food Drive 

Every Thursday night from January 12th  to the 26th we will be collecting non-perishable (canned) food items. All items are to be dropped off with FSgt Oba de Mesquita in the cafeteria at the beginning of each training night. Please note, we will have to check expiry/best before dates on each item, please make sure to bring items that have not already expired. All donations will be brought to the Barrhaven Food Cupboard on January 26th. 

Vintage Wings screening of Above and Beyond 

Cadets will have the opportunity to attend a screening of the Lancaster documentary, Above and Beyond. It will be terrific opportunity to connect with senior Air Force staff, pilots and veterans. It will take place on Friday, February 3rd from 6-9:30 PM at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. Interested cadet are to sign up here. First come, first served at there are limited spots. Those who are selected will be contacted directly. 
















The 2022-23 Drill Team tryouts will be heldon Monday, February 13, 2023 during practice hours(1900hrs to 2100hrs). Drill Team Commander/2IC tryouts will be held on the same night. Tryouts will be in the blue cadet dress uniform (pants, dress shirt, boots, wedge, belt, tie, & tunic.) . Your uniform will be inspected. You must advise us of any uniform issues prior to the drill team try out. You will be tested in small groups on a variety of different movements that have been covered in class.Please contact OCdt West if you have any questions or concerns ([email protected]) 


Cadet Correspondent (Public Affairs) Training from  

Interested in some training to become a Cadet Correspondent? Our region is providing a training course, sign-ups is here. 


Cadet Public Affairs Team  

Any Cadet who is interested in joining the Cadet Public Affairs Team? Please sign uphere. On this time you will be tasked with taking photos/videos and posting to our social media. Email CI Marinelli ([email protected] ) for any questions.  


75 & 742 Band Programs are accepting new members! 

Are you interested in performing in one of our national award-winning ensembles? 

Check ourBrass & Reed info sheetto learn more about our Marching and concert Band! 

Check ourPipes & Drums info sheetto learn more about our “Scottish” heritage ensemble! 

Check ourHighland Dancing info sheetto learn more about our newest addition to the Band Programs! 

Questions? LCol Jean-François Lambert, 75 & 742 Band Programs,[email protected] 


Interested in joining 75? 

New cadets can register to join our squadron using the followinglink. Please direct questions to [email protected]. 


If there are changes to a cadets medical and/or personal information please direct them as soon as possible to [email protected]   


If you are planning to leave 75 Squadron or transfer to another unit, please contact us so that we me may close your membership accordingly. 


For any cadet who does not have access to their Cadet365 and or is having account issues, please contact CI Marinelli with your name, rank, and level and he will provide you with a teams link. ([email protected]) 



Cadets are to return DEU (Blue) uniforms that don’t fit starting. This will allow Supply to have enough blue uniforms to issue in the coming months. 


Reminder that uniform parts are provided free of charge, but on loan for the duration of your membership in the cadet program, therefore they must be returned when exchanging them for another size or when leaving the Squadron. 


For new cadets, you will be measured during training nights, and will be receiving your FTU a few weeks into the training year. Should you have any questions, please contact the Supply Officer, Capt Tessier ([email protected]). 

Please consult thesupply sectionof our website for further information/details 


Squadron Online Kit Shop 

You can find bags, toques, polos, hoodies, jackets and pants, rightherein our squadron kit shop! Come take a look, order online, and find all of the 75 Squadron swag you’ve always wanted! 

Questions:[email protected]